SL-151 | Group of girls laughing and pooping together at the training camp. Toilet defecation voyeurism. VOL.2

Group of girls taking a trip to training camp where they will be exercising, eating three meals per day and live under the same roof for several days. Ofcourse, acts of toilet excretions will be a part of their daily life there. Sports puts their metabolism to work. Good food and healthy excretion is a testimony of healthy life! And since meals and bedtime are in the same life rhythm for several days, it is naturally that bowel movement is also comes with the regular timing. And it is also good fun to poop together with girlfriends! (featuring 26 girls)

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SL-222_01 | Training camp toilet voyeur. Group of girls
pooping together. VOL.3 [Ultra HD]

SL-091 Schoolgirls helping each other with stool samples.
School toilet peeping.

FF-360 [#1] | Beautiful girls-joggers pooping in public toilets.

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