SL-171 | Scat interview. Female college students pantypooping.


I think everyone has experience with abdominal pain during stressful situations. Female students answering the questions while withstanding abdominal pain in an unfamiliar environment. They never faced the situation like this, it seems like the interview is going on forever. And suddenly a fucking diarrhea is coming out of their assholes. Even a young anal sphincter can’t hold it that long. It sprews into the panties with vulgar sounds, farts and shits. Fecal smell completely filling the closed room. However, the interview does not end there, it is continuing while they are sitting in her own shit. We would like you to witness the shame of female school students who have continued to experience the disaster in the toilet or the entrance after the second wave of diarrhea. (featuring 12 girls)

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SL-455 | Part-time job interview at the bakery management
company goes wrong! Girls school students
can’t control their stool after laxative. VOL. 2


FF-212 Explosive farts at the library.
Shamefull sounds in the silence.

PP-143 | Shameful scat interview. Enema, fingering,
defecation and pantypoop thru the secret hole.

EE-174 | Cramming school students voyeur.
Diarrhea in panties during class!

SL-197 | Amateur photography meeting.
Changing room blockage resulting diarrhea accidents!

OJHI-47 | “I am sorry, but can I PLEASE use your toilet?”
Wetting and pantypooping panic near the entrance