SL-197 | Amateur photography meeting. Changing room blockage resulting diarrhea accidents!


This is a video shooting auditions, a way for amateur women to earn some pocket money. They are nervous during the first video interview, but realy open minded about the questions. However, the tea that we served to them contains a¬†furiously effician laxatives and they didn’t even knew it.¬†Obviously. So they are drinking it without hesitation and going to the other room to change clothes for the shoot. When they were changing, the pain is suddenly attacks their lower abdomen… they try to endure it and quickly finish the changing, but the door is somehow tightly closed! Even if they push it, pull it, hit it or calling for someone it’s all useless and no one would come. The diarrhea stool which was massively produced in the intestine eventually opens up the anus and brown liquid starts to pour into the white panties and even gets on the costume. A feeling of sadness and fecal odor that fills a narrow closed room spurs their shame. (featuring 15 women)

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SL-219 | Career woman’s humiliating pantypoop.

JG-273 Women wearing white and shitting themselves.
Shit juice ruining white pants.

SL-180 | Unexpected diarrhea emergency.

JG-321 | Gorgeous amateur girls wearing shitty panties.
Various pantypooping scenes.

SL-171 | Scat interview. Female college students pantypooping.

OJHI-47 | “I am sorry, but can I PLEASE use your toilet?”
Wetting and pantypooping panic near the entrance