SL-201 | Long-term toilet voyeur on female office workers. Healthy stools and diarrhea days.


This is recorded data of a long-term secret shooting with women working in a certain office. It is now possible to infer the health condition from the condition of these woman’s feces, and it became clear that you can also understand the cycle of time of poor physical condition. Depending on their physical condition, the hardness, smell, color and texture of stool is completely differ from day to day. One day the diet is fine with healthy stool, but there is also days of soft stool with intence garlicky smell.
Chapter 1: I’m a cheeky new recruit and I think that nothing can go wrong in this Junjo Otome company… gets healthy stool and stressful diarrhea.
Chapter 3: Big tits wearing business suit. Healthy stool and malaise diarrhea are coming out from pretty buttocks.
Chapter 11: Career woman eating at work and excreting fluttering, vigorous diarrhea and oversized healthy banana like stool on a toilet.
In addition, there are text images in which you can read the scenery about the inside of the company. And you can learn more about daily life of the office from voyeur recordings inside the company quarters. This work is a fecal memories with stool changing circumstances and events such as stress, eating habits and life rhythm in modern society. (featuring 15 women in 31 episodes)

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