SL-248 [#1] | Long-term toilet voyeur on female office workers. Healthy stools and diarrhea days. VOL. 2

When we comprehend recorded data of long-term secret shooting, a huge excretion record of women working in a certain office came out. It is now possible to infer the health condition from the condition of the feces of the women, and it became clear that you can also understand the time cycle of a poor physical condition. Depending on their physical condition, hardness, smell, color, texture of stool differ completely from day to day. At one time there was a hard, long and thick poop that was produced from well-balanced meals. However, the drinking party on the previous day prevented it and there was a day of Shabashabah ‘s diarrhea which was sprayed hard on the toilet bowl. Chapter 1: Healthy faces, outstanding facial expressions from the hot Chinese food that was eaten the day before and diarrhea stool on the next day. Chapter 9: The urgent OL that came jumping into the toilet from the subway with a delicate, yellowish, stiff turd. Final chapter: Neat OL with loose stool and unstoppable diarrhea after stressful boss meeting. In addition to this footage, there are also text images of the company’s scenery, which makes it possible to know more about the daily lives of the women personal. This work is a fecal memory that changes the status of stool by various events such as stress, eating habits and life rhythm in modern society.

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SL-248 [#2]

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SL-201 | Long-term toilet voyeur on female office workers.
Healthy stools and diarrhea days.

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