SL-228 | Diarrhea emergency! Toilet is occupied! OL’s defecating on company’s veranda. VOL.3

This is the third volume of very popular series with shit being sprayed all over the veranda! OLs of this company do not have the vacant space every time they go to the toilet, because the number of toilets in the company is lacking. They have to withstand intense bowel movements and abdominal pain and have to rush into veranda, because there is no other place to go… They can not hold it anymore and as soon as they remove their pantyhose and underwear, they release the flurry diarrhea that vigorously flying across the veranda and scattering on the floor and walls. Some women launching a very thick feces in the air along with diarrhea! When it is over, they are are trying to clean up and cover the mess they made. Even though some employees know that there is a surveillance camera on the veranda and they are constantly being monitored, they are still doomed to loose their dignity. Please come and taste that third volume by all means!

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SL-022 | Office ladies excreting on companys veranda.
Poop emergency! [SL-022_01]

SL-048 Office ladies pooping on the companies veranda.
Powerful diarrhea voyeur.

SL-100 Office Toilet Occupied. Girls Cant Hold The Shit.

SL-183 | Defecation emergency, toilet is occupied!
Office girls can not hold the shit
and pooping on company’s veranda. VOL.2

SL-351 [#1] | Defecation emergency! Toilet is occupied!
Office ladies can’t hold their shit
and pooping on veranda! VOL.4

SL-474 | Evil office prank on the group of office ladies!
Massive diarrhea incidents on the company’s veranda.

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