DKAS-01 Exposure Of Paid Clinical Enema Trials.

The film is about monitorings and administerings of human body. It is also a “clinical trial” and observation of the therapeutic effects of pharmaceutical companies drugs. The new drug is the enema. The whole cycle of clinical trial is featured in this video. 1. The inspection: physician is screening woman anus area with a finger or with the equipment. It is very shameful and anguish procedure conducted by doctor and nurse. 2. The enema injection under nurse observation. Defecation sounds holding. The smell starts to appear. 3. The excretion: documented with full body shots from the front and back. After testing several people over two days the resaults have been exposed!

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SL-115 Intestinal cleaning clinic voyeur.

SL-071 Intestinal cleansing clinic for women.

SL-038 Female patients at gastrointestinal clinic.
Enema for constipatied girls.

DKBS-04 | Female proctology clinic. VOL.4

DKBS-05 | Female proctology clinic. VOL. 5