PGFD-033 Group Stomach Virus. Hospital Toilet Projectile Diarrhea And Vomit Voyeur.

We set up a set of spy cameras at the hospitals. Hospitals is the place for disease treatment, but on the other hand it is place for dangerous disisases. You can pick up an infection during your time in hospital from another pacients. Intense nausea and abdominal pain starts to atack inpatients an regular ones one by one and spreads from one to the other… This is group infection! Then all of them rushing to the toilet to release large amounts of vomit. Also, diarrhea getting to them too!!! Group projectile puking and diarrhea hell featuring 19 girls.

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PGFD-008 Food Poisoning.
Mass Diarrhea And Vomit Erruption At Restaurant Toilet.

PGFD-019 Group Food Poisoning, Puking And Shitting.

PGFD-029 [#1] | Panicky group food poisoning voyeur.
Unstoppable puking and diarrhea!

FF-010 | Group food poisoning at the tennis club.
Painful diarrhea.