SGUD-01 | Stalking and attacking women in the city who shit themselves.

Attacking women with stomachache or those who already pooped their panties. You can track these women by brown stains on their underwear! Best time to strike is when she is already has a small amount of excreted feces in her panties! Chase her, kidnap her, attack her, molest her, rub her pussy, smear shit on her body, take a picture of her shame and do what you want! We do not disclose the face of the victims due label request.

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S37-01 Fecal Face Assault. Shit Facial!

DBKS-01 Bound Women Excretions. Terrible Public Disgrace!

DSKS-01 | Private cosplay photoset turned into restrained,
forced enema and scat bondage.

F77-01 | Threatening women and forcing them
to piss or shit in public places.

UNKW-050 [#1] | Girls attacked by men
with an enema and forced to shit!

S29-01 [#1] | Assaulting the jogging women to pull down
their pants and give them forced enema.

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