FF-217 | Food poisoning agony. Home peeping on girls suffering from diarrhea.

Women enjoying a tasty meal alone or with friends.
However, the chill atmosphere changes completely and facial expression became distorted by abdominal pain. Although they are trying to withstands it, they can not endure it forever, so they rush into the toilet to blow off a large amounts of diarrheal feces all over the toilet! However, after the first wave ends, the stomach condition stays the same and the next wave stikes them again and again during certain period of time. Take a peek at the women’s suffering and going to the toilet many times to release the diarrhea. 12

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FF-348 [#1] | Food poisoning diarrhea flights. Group food
poisoning of women who happened to be in the waiting room.
(public facilities version) VOL. 2

FF-378 [#1] | Schoolgirls suffering in school’s infirmary.
Food poisoning diarrhea stool and vomit. VOL. 3


SL-225 Office ladies in toilet diarrhea accident scenes.
Panties to the side! (Western toilet edition)

PGFD-008 Food Poisoning.
Mass Diarrhea And Vomit Erruption At Restaurant Toilet.

PGFD-019 Group Food Poisoning, Puking And Shitting.

PGFD-029 [#1] | Panicky group food poisoning voyeur.
Unstoppable puking and diarrhea!

PGFD-033 Group Stomach Virus.
Hospital Toilet Projectile Diarrhea And Vomit Voyeur.

FF-010 | Group food poisoning at the tennis club.
Painful diarrhea.

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